Homemade Sesame Paste

Homemade Sesame Paste from Scratch

There is no sugar in my homemade sesame paste as I use it more often in savory than in sweet dishes.

Lately, I blended the paste with a few more seasonings for serving with cold noodles, a meatless style. Do not get me wrong that I do not like this paste to go with meats. I like Hand-pulled Chicken, another popular Chinese dish to serve with sesame dressing. I have to admit, however, most of the time I like to make dressings from this paste for more simple treats, like with vegetables (usually spinach), beans (as what you’ll see here), and even tofu (pan fried).

Thank you Helena, my reader, for asking me how this paste was prepared, and I’m happy to do it again and have it posted here. I make my paste from scratch, meaning, I fry the white sesame seeds in pan before grinding them with oil. You may certainly choose to buy the roasted ones and skip the step.

Homemade Sesame Paste from Scratch
Roasting white sesame seeds in a pan is easy, at least easier than the black ones. You may actually see them turning from pearl white to golden brown. But you need no oil in the pan for frying (the same way – white wok – as we prepared for the peppercorn salt and shrimp roe).

If you want to serve a portion of this sesame paste like a peanut butter, simply stir in some honey plus a pinch of salt to your taste.

Homemade Sesame Paste from Scratch

  • Ingredients
  • 200g white sesame seeds
  • 5-6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Homemade Sesame Paste from Scratch


You may or may not need to pick through and wash your white sesame seeds, but in case you have doubt if there is any dirts or impurities, clean it. That is, wash the seeds thoroughly in a fine sieve under running water. Or, nest the sieve in a large bowl, and wash seeds thoroughly in several changes of water.

Drain sesame seeds until no more water drips off or dry completely (frying very wet sesame seeds takes more efforts and time).

Heat a large heavy-bottomed pan over low to medium flame, without any oil (this is what we called ‘white wok’); put in sesame seeds, stirring constantly. As their color turns from pearl white to golden brown, about 10 minutes (when you shall also hear some crackling sound). Remove from heat, and let cool.

Put roasted sesame seeds in a food processor with two table spoons of olive oil. Process on medium speed, stopping the machine to scrap down the paste from the side in about 15 seconds. Add another spoon of oil and process again. You may again need to stop the processor every 5 to 10 seconds until it reaches your desired consistency (add 1 or 2 more spoons of oil if required), about a minute.

Serve immediately or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator . It should last a couple of months.

Another Recent Dish with Sesame Dressing
Boiled with some salt and oil, the beans are then served with a dressing as one with the cold noodles, vinegar excluded.

Homemade Sesame Paste from Scratch


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